smartha ui changelog


  • Added mode check for shelly 2.5


  • Removed buffers & cached ram from calculation
  • Added code for upcoming new message format
  • Bugfix: check output of ping reply (may return -1 on some systems)
  • Bugfix: initialize array() first to avoid 500 in docker
  • Bugfix: added some more network devices to exclude-regex
  • Bugfix: use correct date/time
  • Bugfix: fixed path for frontend definitions on ro systems
  • Bugfix: fixed license check


  • Added HM-CC-TC
  • Fixed some typos
  • Bugfix added interfaces to exclude-regex
  • Bugfix: use same variable to decide if channel names should be displayed or not in device-only view, too
  • Bugfix: get really all variables from ccu


  • Removed buffers and shared RAM from calculation of free RAM
  • Added changes for upcoming new system message format
  • Bugfix: check ping-output, since result returns -1 on some systems
  • Bugfix: initialize empty interface-array to avoid 500 in docker
  • Bugfix: filter out some more nic's
  • Bugfix: use correct path on ro-systems & display system variables correctly in frontend
  • Bugfix: license-check now works after restart, too


  • Bugfix: fixed typo for heating curves
  • Bugfix: added check for \d in button group template
  • Bugfix: added index if not set in button group template
  • Bugfix: changed message for background gateway search, changed translation
  • Removed unused code in color wheel template


  • Added additional thermostats
  • Bugfix: added version check to prevent loop in autoinstaller
  • Bugfix: use SetDataPointValue as index instead of array index
  • Bugfix: links not visible in popup when using dark theme
  • Bugfix: check if variable is array when checking if device, channel or variable is in room
  • Bugfix: don't try load ocserv-data when using OSS version


  • Added some debug output when checking module licenses
  • Added links to servicemessages
  • Enhancement: automatically check for new updates when entering the "updates" page
  • Enhancement: implemented new update function w/ --allow-releaseinfo-change
  • Bugfix: move personal to global cronjob for Cloudmatic key update checks


  • Added possiblity to zoom for graphse
  • Added check if Node-BLUE is enabled, remove link from navigation if not
  • Added check if user exists on system
  • Don't show services if not in controllableServices list
  • Bugfix: clear whole select if changing gateway; clear possible descriptions, too
  • Bugfix: allow keypress to submit license form
  • Bugfix: copy needed file for Node-BLUE if backup is too old


  • Changed translation for reboot-hint after upgrade
  • Added workaround for another upstream influxdb-bug (increased timeout while starting server)
  • Enhancement: added possibility to re-create measurements if influxdb has been changed after initial creation of measurements
  • Bugfix: select distinct values and group by time with a small resolution for graph details
  • Bugfix: added extra escape sequence for awk needed by buster <10.10 while trying to get all nics
  • Bugfix: added extra check for latest config-packages


  • Added workaround for upstream influxdb-bug
  • Removed sniffing from plain RTSP
  • Rewrite https -> http if user is connected via http
  • Remove PTZ controls if not available


  • Fixed small UI bug in wizard


  • Another small bugfix in ocserv, reverting to use default route


  • Added more documentation urls
  • Fixed a small bug in ocserv config


  • Added js for other netatmo cams
  • Added snapshot for detected motion
  • Added new sniffing mode for upcoming doorbird release
  • Enabled OCServ even if KNX is not installed
  • Fixed small layout but in OCServ config settings


  • Added js video-player
  • Changed text for searching ONVIF devices
  • Changed js lightbox lib for streams/images
  • Fixed possible 500 in group/room view
  • Fixed possible 500 in update check
  • Fixed possible 500 if family is not loaded or does not exist
  • Small bugfixes in restore script
  • Bugfix: clear cache after update on ro systems


  • Added missing translations
  • Added some housekeeping
  • Added new documentation urls
  • Some enhancements for upcoming modules
  • Some layout fixes
  • Bugfix: dropdowns in wizard now working correctly
  • Bugfix: exclude ocserv interface if active
  • Bugfix: "sleep" on slow systems to let the system check if apt is running


  • Redirect to specifig room if set for user every time the "main" index is loaded
  • Changed default theme/locale when editing a user w/o settings
  • Bugfix: rooms may be deleted


  • Added locale & theme selection when creating a new user
  • Bugfix: added missing '('
  • Bugfix: variable may be NULL instead of array()
  • Fixed & re-anabled perfomance enhancements


  • Reverted 'Small performance enhancements (loading css/js)'


  • Fixed some typos
  • Small performance enhancements (loading css/js)
  • Added 'Updates available' as sticky system message
  • Bugfix: fixed wizard-errors in Edge/Chrome
  • Bugfix: fixed sorting of module-list


  • Bugfix: check if packages are removed during upgrade simulation


  • Implemented setInstallMode+[-eep] for EnOcean
  • Added icon for FAULT_REPORTING-7
  • Bugfix: fixed simulation of updates w/ dist-upgrade


  • Reworked upgrading of os packages (using file+version list now)
  • Added new info-page w/ complete package list and licensing information
  • Added missing translations
  • Bugfix: added icon for FAULT_REPORTING-6 in admin section
  • Some small internal bugfixes


  • Added possibility to hide devices in rooms even if associated
  • Added possibility to use custom css in navigation links (admin)
  • Added possibility to get current edition
  • Bugfix: replaces whitespace in module names
  • Bugfix: reset modal on close when adding variables to profiles
  • Bugfix: respect ShowName in defintions
  • Temp bugfix: using only one icon for WIND_DIR & WIND_DEGREE
  • Small bugfixes for dark theme


  • Added editing of group metadata
  • Allow CUNX to be used for testing (will be removed in stable version)
  • Bugfix: remove special char from family name within modules list
  • Bugfix: uppercase for all devices types to identify heating devices
  • Bugfix: some fixes for dark-mode settings in heating curves editor
  • Bugfix: don't show arrays in metadata


  • Added more licensing logic
  • Bugfix: fixed dark-mode settings for wizard
  • Bugfix: fixed path to images in wizard


  • Added licensing for closed modules
  • Added editing of device metadata
  • Added possibility to display module-specific instructions after activation
  • Added instructions for Nuki
  • Added possibility to set module-specific links to documentation
  • Reworked / added documentation
  • Enhancement: license keys are now hidden
  • Enhancement: added description if set when adding a gateway
  • Enhancement: changed color for module messages
  • Enhancement: check/uncheck all checkboxes in installer
  • Bugfix: check target before resetting history-form
  • Bugfix: logo display fixed on small screens
  • Bugfix: adjusted colors for dark theme in graphs
  • Bugfix: fixed a possible 500 if DATA is null when getting system messages
  • Bugfix: converting some flows when restoring backup on newer systems
  • Bugfix: check for update may last longer than 15 seconds and timeout (should be fixed in core with the next upstream release)


  • Bugfix: only get ip address of physical nic
  • Bugfix: create temp-file if deleted within intial installation
  • Added lightbox


  • Added hint if influxdb is not started when trying to add a history
  • Bugfix: possible 500 error when getting config params
  • Bugfix: check if value exists in IconText template to avoid js error
  • Bugfix: check for type instead for channel name when variable name should displayed
  • Bugfix: check variable name, too, when updating variable profiles
  • Bugfix: check db version when restoring backup
  • Many bugfixes / enhancements in backup/restore scripts


  • Added more HmIP HAP functions
  • Bugfix: heating templates don't have family settings


  • Prepare heating profiles for HmIP
  • Better handling of sysvars list (like devices)
  • Added possibility to set log level via ui
  • Small ui tweaks for mobile devices
  • Added possibility to enable KNX Proxy functionality for each KNX gateway
  • Bugfix: Don't allow ",", enforce int/float when editing params/values
  • Bugfix: no need to encode units in params/values
  • Bugfix: use first element of array as translation fallback if current language or default language is not defined
  • Bugfix: exclude (possible) docker interface in postinst
  • Bugfix: try ... catch for extended rocker profiles


  • Don't display internal variables
  • Enhanced cronjob creation for keytransfer
  • Prevent hold packages to display "updates available"
  • Added missing translations
  • Removed "struc" and "array" from configuration params
  • Changed widget to display total consumed memory instead of total free memory
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to an error 500 under rare conditions reading IP of NIC
  • Bugfix for boolean values in frontend
  • Some fixes for upcoming PHP 8 release


  • Clear state of updates before checking
  • Bugfix: check if variable is not null instead of true/false


  • Added missing translation
  • Improved automatic installation of add. packages
  • Bugfix: catching update of homegear-python now, too


  • Use own update function for os temporary
  • Bugfix: don't close modals when clicking elsewhere
  • Bugfix: exclude some special libs from update if system itself could not be updated


  • New frontend element 'switch'
  • Changed icons for rooms & stories
  • Bugfix: use translations for groups
  • Bugfix: show "path" of room if set, too
  • Added username within qrcode
  • Added links & badges for smartha app
  • Integrated own management service
  • Added possibility to install new modules via webui
  • Added possibility to change the gateway of some devices (eg. MAX!)
  • Added new type 'random' for generating random ID's when creating a gateway
  • Reworked update check to use with own functions
  • Bugfix: reset form every time the modal is shown when adding a history
  • Bugfix: use gateway interface if submitted
  • Bugfix: clear cache after installing a module
  • Bugfix: only add history if all necessary fields are filled


  • Fixed small layout-bug in gateway overview
  • Reworked control-widget to display correct icons/values
  • Removed htmlentities when creating rooms (installer)
  • Bugfix: check if other graphs exist when displaying a single one
  • Bugfix: check if locale exists
  • Bugfix: try ... catch to see if influx is running
  • Bugfix: don't create 'invalid' graph group if nothing has been selected when creating a graph


  • Now returning on exception within roles
  • Added some translations for virtual devices
  • Added graph creation with individual start/stop date
  • Added new frontend widget for new virtual device
  • Changed url if license is expired


  • Bugfix: added --ignore-failed-read to backup-script
  • Implemented TTL for license


  • Bugfix: module-names may have more than one underscore, so explode only the first one
  • Bugfix: ignore device defintion entries w/o AdditionalIdentifier
  • Bugfix: display raw value for room name
  • Added possibility to remove channel/variable associations from rooms
  • Bugfix: use original configs from system after backup is restored
  • Enhancement: use ports directly from ssdpSearch (new gateway implementation)
  • Bugfix: raw output in device list
  • Bugfix: bind event on table within profiles
  • Bugfix: check if 'name' exists, not 'peerId'
  • Added ids to profile list


  • Bugfix: set system-language before loading paramset-description (this is not sticky)
  • Refactured adding devices to support new EnOcean devices
  • Enhancement: sorting devicetypes by name when adding
  • Enhancement: show gateway alias in dashboard if set
  • Added mosquitto to backup/restore
  • Implemented new template-switches for new device


  • Added programming wizard
  • Small bugfixes


  • Small bugfixes for dark theme
  • Bugfixes for update status, reworked running-check
  • Added more HTTP-Codes for running-check
  • Bugfix: don't overwrite metadata
  • Updated framework due to upcomming PHP-update
  • Bugfix: only show visible & writable config-params within device configuration
  • Bugfix: dynamic width of select2-dropdowns
  • Bugfix: using correct encoding of config-param units
  • Added possibility to set values within device configuration
  • Added possibility to set an alias for a gateway
  • Implemented upcoming shutdown via ui
  • Removed easter egg ... c ya next year ;)
  • Bugfix: don't show family-messages of not loaded family modules
  • Added a permanent flash-message if a family-message exists (eg. finishing pairing with Hue/Nanoleaf)
  • Implemented 'NotOperable' & checked for row in device definitions
  • Bugfix: added channel names to all widgets
  • Bugfix: added icon for SABOTAGE
  • Switching repos due to support for Debian Buster
  • Implemented upcoming buildings
  • Reworked frontend navigation to use with buildings
  • Added possibility to select a target room/story after login
  • Bugfix: don't remove the whole channel for frontend if only one element matches
  • Bugfix: use emtpy array to avoid 500 if no interface exists (eg. docker)
  • Added possibility to select if/where to display variable names in frontend
  • Bugfix: changed redirects to 301 to avoid problems with firefox
  • Centered all frontend elements
  • Implemented upcoming variable profiles (aka 'scenes')
  • Bugfix: RPC call for installing packages changed
  • Implemented upcoming installation of additional packages
  • Reworked update-check, implemented dependency-checks for all packages
  • Several small bugfixes, translation fixes & translation updates


  • Easter Egg Edition - go and search for it ;)


  • Added possibility to change IP of gateway
  • Don't reboot, just restart service after CA-generation
  • Added favicons


  • Bugfix for waitForIp4OnInterface setting
  • Added TTS settings for sonos
  • Added some more information within report for unknown device
  • Enhancement: added possibility to select where channel names should be shown in frontend for each device
  • Updated fontawesome
  • Some translation fixes
  • Changed CloudMatic URL to our new cluster for testing
  • Fixed german umlauts within select2-dropdowns
  • Added dark theme
  • Fixed navbar active state
  • Display id within devices, groups, rooms and stories
  • Fixed some typos and added new devices for heating programs


  • Added (discontinued) 1st gen EASYLed
  • Completely reworked adding of gateways: fallback "manual" adding is not hidden anymore, so it could be used instead of searching
  • Sorting modules by name in dashboard, too
  • Added missing devices for heating curves
  • Added database name as config setting for influxdb config
  • Added possibility to upload & use multiple .knxproj-files
  • Added possibility to delete all associated devices when deleting gateway
  • Added settings for internal mqtt-client
  • Fixed waitForIp4OnInterface
  • Added check for current running release
  • Preparing upcoming installation of additional modules (wip)
  • Removed 'Add channel name' if all channels are named
  • Now saving current page within device list in order to return to the refering page after leaving device detail view in admin
  • Added possibility to download graph data as csv
  • Added possibility to mass-delete devices
  • Added support for Ledvance plugs w/o updating the module
  • Preparing upcoming flow wizard
  • Added missing translations
  • Several smaller bugfixes/code cleanups


  • Using correct port when connected via CloudMatic
  • Fixed SystemReset
  • Updated translation


  • Fixed bug when deleting a room
  • Added HmIP-BWTH for heating profiles
  • Clearing updates from db before actually updating, this should fix the display of still available updates
  • Sorting values within dropdowns in admin
  • Disable select/input values if all channels are named within device-administration
  • Bugfix: change/delete channel name now working on paginated table
  • Fixed some translations
  • Smaller bugfixes


  • Integrated simple device devinition editor for unknown devices in frontend
  • Fixed backup / restore
  • Added resolvconf
  • Added network settings
  • Added dns settings
  • Merged influxdb settings into new "Settings" group
  • Added graph creation w/ automatic name when adding new measurement
  • Setting waitForIp4OnInterface in order to wait for an IP address before starting main service (slow DHCP server workaround)
  • Added system reset
  • Added possibility to activate smartha w/ license key
  • Added "Support-Mode"
  • Added patch for ccu-config to bind to main interface
  • Bugfix: ignore uppercase within username when logging in
  • Several smaller bugfixes


  • Several bugfixes for collapsing/expanding of devices in frontend
  • Workaround for 32bit PHP-bug
  • Added custom y-axis label for graphs
  • Bugfix for updates (will work with versions >= 0.8.0-2731)
  • Added "Support Mode" via CloudMatic
  • Added missing translations


  • New Variable of type "system"
  • Added ACLs for services
  • Moved update-status into db
  • Added flash-message if os-update is still running or finished
  • Added update-check for new nodes
  • Bugfix: preventing deletion of last node within heating-curve editor
  • Bugfix: allowing to move last node within heating-curve editor
  • Bugfix: disable reboot if update is running in background
  • Prepared better feedback if searchDevices() is running in background
  • Devices may now be collapsed/expanded within frontend
  • Bugfix: translation was treated as varibale, leads to error 500 in admin-dashboard
  • Added possibility to send a request for a missing device-definition


  • Added script & cronjob for debugging
  • Show info if usb-drive is mounted within dashboard
  • Update paramset from device directly (if possible)
  • Removed unused debug-output